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Pathline: Connecting Designers With Scientists

Pathline is a tool that Miriah and Bang developed in close collaboration with geneticists applying a design process. They explored and designed before implementing anything and also incorporated user feedback into the tool. They didn’t use such a design process before and were very happy to discover, how it allowed them to move faster than if they had started the implementation part right away. What came out of this is a, in their own words, “visualization tool for comparative functional genomics that supports analysis of three types of biological data at once: functional data such as gene activity measurements; pathway data that presents a series of reactions within a cellular process; and phylogenetic data describing ancestral relationships between species.”

How recruiters look at your resume

Basically, they look at

  1. your name; 
  2. current company and title; 
  3. time period of current position; 
  4. previous company and title; 
  5. time period of previous position;
  6. education;
Also, they scan for keywords to match the open position.

If I ever have to submit a resume, I’m just going to put those six things as bullets and then the rest will all be keywords in small, light print. It’ll be like job search SEO.

Real-time German train map

A tool to visualize train delays in Germany. Clicking on a train produces its itinerary including delay time (if any) for each station and delay causes. A timeline on top allows tracking previous days.